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RuWCED is committed to promoting the health, education, livelihood, human rights, and development of rural women, girls, youths, and children. To achieve this objective, we have effectively utilized radio programs such as ‘Women's Health’ on Abakwa FM and ‘Talk it Over’ on CRTV North West for the past years.
‘Talk it Over’ is a 30-minute radio program that airs every Saturday on national radio CRTV 92.5 HZ from 7:30 to 8:00 PM, providing comprehensive sexuality education to parents and children. The program, which is inspired by RuWCED's CSE manual, has recorded and aired numerous episodes, with a focus on children aged 5-8 years, Pre-teens aged 9-12 and children between 15-18+, covering topics such as relationships, values, sexuality, the human body, and development. To date, the program has successfully reached over 50,000 individuals, with the community providing positive feedback on the program's impact.


Women's Health, on the other hand, is a 45-minute radio program that airs every Wednesday and rebroadcasts every Saturday on Abakwa FM 99.0 Hz from 11:00 AM to 11:45 AM. It is a call-in radio program, where women and girls discuss issues relating to their reproductive system. Topics covered include but not limited to; family planning and contraception, STIs, post-abortion care, pregnancy and labor, cancers and vaccination, ovarian cysts, sickle cell, menopause and andropause, etc. Over the three years that the program has been on the air, it has successfully reached more than 800,000 individuals, promoting reproductive health awareness and empowerment among women and girls in rural communities.

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