The Rural Women Center for Education and Development (RuWCED)-Cameroon cannot do all it does for the needy in rural Cameroon without your assistance. We offer volunteer opportunities for individuals, families, groups, and teams from, organizations, schools, communities, churches, and companies all over the world. We have both short and long term volunteer stays. Our short stays run for periods of less than 2 weeks to 3 Months while our long stays run for periods between Six months to 24 months. We have opportunities for students and professionals with experience in the broader fields of health, education, resource management, fundraising, grant-writing, Networking, income generation, construction and sports. If you are a student in Cameroon looking for where to do a research, an internship or gain work experience, you are also welcomed to volunteer!

To apply, please send us an This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or fill the contact form and we will send you the application form.

Applications are accepted throughout the year on a rolling basis.


Six on-site and Virtual volunteer Offers


The Rural Women Center for Education and Development (RuWCED)-Cameroon invites applications for two on-site and 4 virtual Volunteers

"Offering your time and service for the poor"

- Do you want to take a gap year and travel to Africa?

- Are you retired but wish to volunteer your time and service?

- Do you want to fund-raise for the course of abused female orphans in Cameroon?

- Do you run an organization which sends volunteers to Africa?

- Are you a Cameroonian with reproductive health skills wishing to serve rural women and girls in rural communities?

RuWCED has volunteer vacancies, as well as accommodation for you!!! Come and make a difference, help a rural girl, a famine shattered family, an orphan, .. to wear a smile, to feel loved and above all, to stay in school!


Programs which need Volunteers:

i) The Menstrual Hygiene and rural reproductive health education Program

(Both on-site and virtual volunteers needed)

In rural Ngoketunjia, there is a culture of silence around menstrual hygiene and reproductive health education in general. Intriguingly, the primary and secondary school curricular do not offer much in this domain except for girls who opt to study the sciences during their 4th and 5th years in secondary school (that is for those who attain this level). Coupled with this lack of education is the challenge of having a sustained access to clean sanitary napkins. Faced with these difficulties, rural girls in school tend to resort to unhygienic methods of menstrual management which has resulted in a series of infections. More so, some girls in primary school have embraced multiple embarrassments (when they stained their uniforms and their peers used it to mock at them or attribute it to mischievous deeds, thereby making them to shy away from school for weeks). In the same vein, the lack of basic reproductive health education has resulted in HIV infection, STIs, a series of unwanted pregnancies, crude abortions and maternal deaths.

To this effect, the Menstrual Hygiene and rural reproductive health education program of RuWCED aims to offer reproductive health education, menstrual kits (pads, pants, bra etc.), counselling services, as well as transfer pad making skills to matured girls in rural primary and secondary schools in Ngoketunjia Division of the North West Region or Cameroon.

We solicit interested and committed volunteer(s) to assist in the following;-

- Organize and run community and school reproductive health lectures for rural girls and women,

- Encourage girls and women living with HIV/AIDS to overcome stigma and discrimination,

- Fund-raise to buy teaching materials, as well as reusable menstrual pads for the program.

(N.B, in case you chose to fund-raise for the program, you can request a video clip of the program you fund-raised for. Alternatively, you could at your convenience visit us to join in the project implementation)

 ii) Orphan educational sponsorship program

(Fundraising volunteers needed)

The program context is matrilineal succession in which the widow and her orphans are dispossessed of their property and belongings upon the death of their husband/father. Girl orphans are most vulnerable and are forced into early child marriages, child trafficking to work as house mates in urban cities, sexual abuse and HIV/AIDS (they ranked the most infected in a 2011 survey). By sending these orphans to school, the project will enable them to take informed decisions as well as escape the traps.

 iii) Computer and Literacy teacher

We are currently having two computer training centers where women, youths and girls are being trained

 How will your service help?

By volunteering in our program, you will be helping to keep many more girls in school and saving lives and families from cultural discrimination and poverty!!


- Be at least 18 years old,

- Have working experience in community and reproductive health OR, fundraising/grant writing or in any of the positions listed,

- Have no history of criminal records.

How to Apply

To apply, please send us your CV and a short motivation letter (between 300- 500 words).

All applications should be e-mailed to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.